Take a tour through Windak's production plant

Let’s take a quick look at the new Windak’s production plant in Estonia! 

In today’s competitive market, we’ve got to stand out in order to succeed.

Windak’s primary goal has always been to offer a unique, complex solution and create meaningful relationships with our customers. We are not just selling the machinery, we are selling ” the experience”.

The competition gives us the drive to constantly improve and be better.

Because of this, building a strong, trusted brand in the cable industry and constant development are essential to our company’s success.

Windak’s machinery and service benefits:

  • Flexibility – Windak offers either a solution that’s “off the shelf” or one that is customized to the unique challenges of any level of complicity.
  • Our in-house parts production with CNC machines covering a big part of critical components – This way delays in delivery times are minimized.
  • Full range of services, from sales and project management till the end of the equipment lifecycle.
  • Invested in Service and Spare parts department – We ensure that our customers receive excellent service every step of the way.
  • Focusing on environmental-friendly packaging – Minimizing energy consumption and lowering the volume of waste.
  • Our goal is to provide our customers’ packaging equipment that exceeds their expectations.



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Video: TANK & VAAS agencies

With the support of EAS & the Federation of Estonian Engineering


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