AXJO-Windak, a winning concept!

AXJO® AMERICA is a newly-formed company! The company is owned by AXJO in Sweden (51%) and WINDAK Holding (49%).

The Managing Director is Dan Shelander, USA, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Jacob Nilsson, Sweden.  

AXJO® is a well-known trademark and company in Europe that currently delivers spools and drums in polymer materials to all large cable works in Europe

as well as to users in Asia, Brazil and Africa. In conjunction with the “International Wire and Cable Trade Fair” in Dusseldorf, Germany,

many visitors from the USA have exhibited an interest in the company’s products during recent years.  

Windak is a well-established name based in North Carolina, USA and is known for its effective and modern reeling machines that can be found at cable works all over the world.  

AXJO and Windak have collaborated on the development of systems and products for the European market for many years, and both companies now feel that the time is right to offer

the market in the USA a range of ultramodern spools and production plant equipment that together lead to cost savings and higher levels of efficiency for the customer/user.  

 Machinery and equipment will be installed at Windak’s premises in Hickory, North Carolina during the months of April and May, and the first deliveries are expected to occur in June and July.  

The production facility will be extremely modern, effective and rational. The concept involving the use of robots, material management, monitoring systems etc,

has been developed from the well tuned Swedish production model, and Swedish technicians will be present during the introduction period.  


AXJO® America’s spools and drums are made from a recycled polymer material that guarantees that consideration is taken with regard to sustainability and the environment.

This proprietary material ensures that the products are resistant to cold and heat, are not sensitive to UV radiation and that they are ergonomic.

Since the spools are manufactured in mono-material and thus do not need to be sorted prior to destruction, Axjo is able to offer its own recycling facility.    


The real starting point for AXJO®AMERICA will be in conjunction with INTERWIRE 2011 that takes place between the 3rd – 5th of May 2011 

at the Georgia World Congress Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where spools and drums will be on display at our own stand.