Windak Inc will participate at IWCS 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island-USA, November 9-12. All visitors are welcome in our booth number 302.

Windak Group specialises in automatic packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry and has offices in Sweden, USA, Australia and Estonia. Today, Windak Group is one of the world’s largest supplier of automatic spoolers and coilers, and the largest supplier of spoolers in USA. The company is renowned for its effective automatic packaging machines with installations in 28 countries throughout the world.

IWCS 2014 – it is already 63rd conference, every year confrence bring to industry a lot of knowledges and usefull co-operation.

At IWCS 2014 we will introduce information of one of the best machines as Auto Reeler AR24 and Spoolwind SW6-14. These machines developed by using high quality technologies and solutions.

The Auto Reeler AR24 is a fully automatic reeler developed for automatic packaging of cable and wire products on spools or reels between 298 mm – 609 mm (11.75″-24″) in overall diameter. It can be run both in line (direct connection with Extruder) and off line and loads and unloads the empty reels automatically and includes stretch wrapping of spool to contain the cut end. The output of the machine is 2 reels per minute! It requires minimal floor space, and when combined with the integrated palletizer, makes a complete automatic spooling line with a short investment payback.

The Spool Winder 6 – 14 is a Fully automatic, in or off line, packaging and palletizing of wire, cable and other flexible products onto spools from 165 mm (6.5”) to 360 mm ( 14’’) in overall diameter. Spools are automatically loaded and unloaded into/from the spooling head. Outer ends are secured with stretch wrap. All operational parameters and mechanical settings are recipe controlled in order to reduce time between product and spool changeovers. Output of the new spooler is 3 spools per minute.

Our qualified members will also present you our latest technical solutions and full range of products as pay-offs, take-ups, coilers, spoolers, accumulators and palletizers.

IWCS conference is interesting tradeshow for us and wire industry, and we are looking forward to see you in our booth 302.