MULTIPAC spools - Space and money saving solution from Windak/Axjo co-venture

Development of new logistics-enhancing products was one of the main goals for Windak and Axjo collaboration during the year of 2017. Together with our co-partner Axjo, which is premier supplier of spools in Europe, we invented a great money-space saving solution for spooling of wire and cable.

Axjo’s MultiPac spools and Windak’s automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0.

 “For a number of years, we have seen and heard from our customers about the huge interest in saving space during transport. This has resulted in a whole series of innovative products and solutions.”      Axjo AB

Axjo’s MultiPac spool is divided in the middle and has a slightly conical barrel. This allows each half of the spool to be stacked, this means that up to three times as many spools can be loaded on a trailer, which is good for the environment.

Windak’s NEW MultiPac automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0 produces 3 spools per minute and is suitable for spools of 400 & 600 mm in diameter and 300mm & 450 mm in width. The MP450_3.0 automatically assembles the MultiPac spools and loads them into the spooler, thus eliminating manual depalletizing and loading of spools into the machine. In combination with one of our AR series spooling machines you can get high performance, European quality and production efficiency all in one line.



If this is what You dreamed about, then we just made it real for You!

MultiPac Saving Solution

You will:

  • Save 1/3 on freight expenses
  • Have 3 times more spools loaded on the truck
  • Save 1/3 on personnel costs
  • Need 1/3 less storage space at your facility
  • Have an environmentally friendly solution



The NEW MultiPac spools and spool assembly machine MP450_3.0 will be presented at the Wire 2018 trade fair in Düsseldorf, together with Windak’s AR18 Spooling machine. The Auto Reeler AR18 is a dual head fully automatic reeler developed for automatic packaging of cable and wire products on reels between 216 – 460 mm (8.5”-18”) in overall diameter. It can be run both, in line (with an extruder) and off line (with a driven Payoff or Flyer) and loads and unloads the reels automatically. Includes stretch wrapping of the reel to contain the cut end. AR18 Spooler makes up to 2.5 spools per minute.

Don’t miss out! In addition, we inviting you into our VIP SHOWROOM “Coil packaging innovations of the future”!

We are looking to see you at the Wire 2018.

Windak Group- Booth 9B42

Axjo AB – Booth 12A56