New trade show with new developments!

At Wire Southeast Asia 2013 and new Wire South America 2013 trade shows Windak will present it’s latest information about their NEW products

such as Quickpack QP3, AutoCoiler AC3 and DCoil Package solution!

 Quickpack QP3 is a fully automatic cable coiling and packaging machine. It’s concept based on absolute simplicity and maximum out-put.

It has been designed to accommodate a range of product diameters up to 7mm with maximum speed up to 8 coils per minute!

It is fast and easy packaging that you never experienced before!

AutoCoiler AC3 is a high speed in line coiling machine for DCoil Package – shrink film coil package. The Windak AutoCoiler AC3 is a shrink filmed coil

with a hole in the center allowing the user to carry the coils on the arms or be put on a rack during transport. The breakthrough development of the AC3

allow for a faster coiling process than traditional coiling lines with wrapping of the coils. It is developed for 1mm-6mm single conductor and maximum 300mm OD coil size.

Windak will also show solutions for a large range of Payoff, Take-up and other material handling and packaging machines.

Windak Asia-Pacific, of Australia, welcomes all visitors to Wire Southeast Asia 2013 and our Booth K35.

Windak Inc, America, welcomes all visitors to Wire South America 2013 and our Booth 814.