IN STOCK Take-up UW22 + Safewind

Winding or Off winding of Flexible Products

Heavy-duty style, dog pin driven shaft-less portal type traversing Take-Up UW22 with integrated laying unit as an option (can be excluded from the order). The height and width adjustments for different reel sizes are made infinitely. All motors are AC motors for quiet and maintenance-free operation. The Take-Up is controlled from the control panel at the electrical cabinet or from the wireless remote control. Control system PLC Siemens.   Product Brochure

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    • Features
    • Advantages
    • Specifications
      • Independently Controlled pintles UP/DOWN.
      • Remote control for safer and faster reel changeovers.
      • Motorized opening and closing of pintles.
      • Safewind 80 Laying unit for superior winding quality and safe operation (OPTIONAL).
      • The drive unit will be equipped with a holding brake that keeps the reel still when the machine is in non-production mode PLC Siemens, HMI Siemens touch screen.
      • Security fence for safe operation.
      • Safety scanner – the safety of the safewind side of the take-up is guaranteed with a Safety scanner.
      • Quick Service Support
      • Customizable Solutions
      • Typical R.O.I., 18-24 Months
      • Reliable Automation Solutions Since 1994
      • Reel flange diameter: 600 mm – 2200 mm
      • Reel overall width: 500 mm – 1400 mm
      • Cable diameter: 16 – 75 mm (*cable diameter 75mm depends on the cable type)
      • Maximum reel weight: 3000 kg
      • Maximum speed: 100m/min
      • Maximum cable pulling force: 80 kg