MultiPac MP450_3.0

Automatic Multipac spool assembly machine

Development of new logistics-enhancing products was one of the main goals for Windak and Axjo collaboration during past year. Together with our co-partner Axjo, who is a premier supplier of spools in Europe, we invented a great money-space saving solution for spooling of wire and cable: Axjo’s MultiPac spools and Windak’s automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0. Windak’s NEW MultiPac automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0 produces 3 spools per minute and is suitable for spools of 400 & 600 mm in diameter and 200 mm - 450 mm in width. In combination with one of our AR series spooling machines you can get high performance, European quality and production efficiency all in one line. Axjo’s MultiPac spool is divided in the middle and has a slightly conical barrel. This allows each half of the spool to be stacked, this means that up to three times as many spools can be loaded on a trailer, which is good for the environment. Windak’s MP450_3.0 automatically assembles the MultiPac spools and loads them into the spooler, thus eliminating manual depalletizing and loading of spools into the machine. Read more about Axjo’s MulitPac spools at Product Brochure

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    • Features
    • Available options
    • Advantages
    • Specifications
      • Save 1/3 on freight expenses
      • Have 3 times more spools loaded on the truck
      • Save 1/3 on personnel costs
      • Need 1/3 less storage space at your facility
      • Have an environmentally friendly solution
    • De-Palletizer: GDE450_3.0

      Depalletizing of MultiPac spools.

      Windak De-Palletizer GDE450_3.0 is servo motor driven for fast and accurate movements. With the XYZ design, it offers a very compact

      and easy to operate solution.


      Speed: 3 spools per minute

      Product dimensions:

      Spool Diameter – 400 & 600 mm
      Spool Width – 200- 450 mm

      • Quick Service Support
      • Customizable Solutions
      • Typical R.O.I., 18-24 Months
      • Reliable Automation Solutions Since 1994
    • Suitable for Axjo Spool sizes:

      • Spool Diameter: 400 mm and 600 mm (16″ and 24″)
      • Spool Width: 200 mm – 450 mm (8″- 17″)