Rewind lines

Efficient Rewinding Solutions for Flexible and Rigid Products

Windak Rewind lines have been specifically designed for fast reel changes, very accurate tension control, high line speed and superior winding quality. The rewind lines can be built with many different configurations based on our complete Payoff and Take-up range, either tire driven design or conventional drive pin design. Product Brochure

Product Brochure

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    • Features
    • Available options
    • Advantages
    • Configurations
    • Specifications
      • Synchronization of Payoff and Take-up with fast acceleration and deceleration for minimized cycle times.
      • Driving the reel on the flange or with conventional drive pin.
      • Semiautomatic unloading cycle of the reel. The reel goes down and the pintles open up around the reel.
      • All Windak rewind lines include running to set length at set speed.
      • Integrated laying unit provides even higher quality wind
      • Low tension servo dancer for sensitive products
      • Caterpillar puller for large power cables
      • Integrated cutter and testing equipment
      • Safety guarding
      • Fast reel changes and string up
      • High speed with accurately controlled tension
      • Best laying quality in industry
      • Very low maintenance
    • Efficient rewinding require machines with short set up time and an efficient flow of handling the full and empty reels.

      Windak’ s complete Payoff and Take-up range can be used in many different combinations to create the optimal rewind line for your need.

      We have a number of standard line configurations that we offer and thereafter the line can be customized for your exact requirements.

      We offer many types of integration in your line such as test equipment, printing, and other types auxiliary equipment.

      RW60 (ReWind60) is designed for semi-or automatic cutting of power cables up to 60 mm (2.5”) with maximum line speed 150m/min (492ft/min).

      It includes a tire feeder capstan, length counter, hydraulic cutter, easy ”drop in cable” thread up and one step adjustment of all guide rollers.

      It also includes the touch screen operator interface to run the rewind line.

    • Model Reel outside
      Reel outside
      Max Line
      Max Line
      Max Reel
      Max Reel
      Rewind lines 400 – 3000 16 – 118 250 800 20 44 000