Spoolwinder SW8 Series

Fully Automatic Packaging and Palletizing of Flexible Products


  Fully automatic, in or off line, packaging and palletizing of wire, cable and other flexible products onto spools 216mm–500mm ( 8,5"–20") in overall diameter. Dual head Spooler with dual lift option. Spools are automatically loaded and unloaded into/from the spooling head. Outer ends are secured with stretch wrap. All operational parameters and mechanical settings are recipe controlled in order to reduce time between product and spool changeovers.   Product Brochure

Product Brochure

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    • Features
    • Advantages
    • Specifications
      • Compact, Integrated Design
      • Servo controlled stretch wrap system
      • Automatic loading and unloading of the spool
      • Reliable Cut & Catch mechanism allows for a stop time of approx. 1 sec.
      • Precision Winding and Tension Control
      • Operator Friendly, Safe – Ergonomic
      • Optional Labeling, Boxing and Palletizing
      • Reliable Spool Conveyance
      • Quick Service Support
      • Customizable Solutions
      • Typical R.O.I., 18-24 Months
      • Reliable Automation Solutions Since 1994
      • Spool OD: 216mm–500mm (8,5″–20″)
      • Cable diameter: 2,3mm–8mm (1mm2–16mm2) (0.09″–0.32″ (AWG 18 -AWG 6))
      • Spool Width: 180mm–500mm (7″–20″)
      • Max Spool Weight: 120 Kg (265 lbs)
      • Spools per minute: Up to 3 spools/min