Pack Cable on Reels

Windak’s Pay-off and Take-up range covers a wider variety of reel sizes and have been made for different applications.

Our basic style is portal roll through type design travelling on rails. The drive unit can be a drive arm (dog pin) or tire drive.

Our premium models with floating pintles and tire drive are especially suited for quick reel changes in rewinding lines and take-up systems.

More information about Payoffs and Take-ups you can find here


Dog pin payoff


Basic floor traversing pay-off or take-up
Tyre driven Payoff


Premium pay-off or take-up. Applications are high speed pay-off for coiling or spooling line, in rewinding line or in dual pay-off or take-up systems.
Take-up with laying unit Advanced integrated laying with take-up. Allows for finer adjustments during take-up
Servo dancer Servo dancer for fiber optic cable applications or tension sensitive products. Easy to string and tension set from HMI operator panel.
Rewind line Windak rewind lines are fast and efficient. Quick reel changes and minimal set up times allow for high efficiency.
Accumulator Windak have a large range of vertical and horizontal cable accumulators, different size sheaves and different accumulation capacity.
Cutting station Safe cable cutting of larger cables with Windak’s Rewind units RW.