The most valuable features in one spooling machine!

Check the next-generation cable spooler from Windak Group- 4 spools per minute!

Windak customers demand cost-effective solutions with short payback time. The SW6-14 Spooling machine offers maximum flexibility and high output.

Over a long period of time, we have developed several upgrades for this high-speed spooler and now we can officially say that this next generation spooler is equipped with the best high-tech features and guarantees high value and productivity for the cable packaging process.

The SW6-14 is a servo-controlled dual-head spooler developed for fully automatic packaging of cable and wire products onto spools between 165 mm (6.5’’) and 360mm (14’’) in overall diameter. It can be run both in-line applications and off-line applications.

An optional line speed could be up to 760 meters per minute (2500 feet per minute), with an output up to 4 spools per minute, depending on the cable diameter and put-up length.

Most valuable features of the Spooler SW6-14:

  • The machine uses the reliable Cut & Catch mechanism. This time-proven design allows for a stop time of approximately 1 second. The short stop time increases the line output up to 30 – 40% versus traditional spoolers.
  • The SW6-14 automatically loads the empty spools into the spooling heads and unloads the finished spool.
  • Equipped with a pneumatic controlled accumulator. Both sheave packages are movable: pneumatic controlled tension, servo-controlled accumulation, and faster reaction which leads to minimal slack possibility.
  • Includes servo-controlled stretch wrapping of the reel to contain the cable end and the dual stretch wrap roll option – The dual stretch wrap modules allow for continuous operation during a stretch wrap roll change. The benefit is that the operator does not have to be in a hurry to change the stretch wrap roll and the line speed will not slow down.
  • All operational parameters and settings are recipe controlled to reduce the time between product and reel changeovers.

SW6-14 Spooler minimizes floor space, reduces material handling, and saves labor costs. Full line integration can include an automatic palletizer, film unit, pallet conveyor, reel labeler, test equipment, and meter marking on the cable.

To create even more value for our customers, the 6-axis Robot De-Palletizing Solution can be integrated into Windak’s SW6-14 Spooling Line. The industrial robot automatically unloads empty spools from the pallet into the SW6-14 and further increases the output. The cycle times are significantly reduced and reliability increased. With all cables and hoses firmly secured, movements are easily predicted making off-line programming and simulations perfect representations of the actual robot system.




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