Windak and AXJO at Interwire 2013

Windak Inc. welcomes all visitors to our booth 1940.

Windak specialises in automatic packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry and has offices in Sweden, USA, Australia and Estonia.

 At Interwire 2013 Windak will introduce our new Automatic Reeler  AR18-DB line.  The Auto Reeler AR18-DB is a fully automatic reeler developed for automatic packaging

of cable and wire products on spools or reels between 216-460mm (8.5″-18″) in overall diameter. It can be run both in line (direct connection with Extruder) and off line and

loads and unloads the empty reels automatically. Includes stretch wrapping of spool to contain the cut end. The output of the machine is 2 reels per minute! 

At Interwire 2013 Windak will combine the AR18-DB reeler with the integrated palletizer GP5, payoff and accumulator which make a complete automatic spooling line

with a short investment payback. They also will show the winding process and palletizing of the finished spools!

Windak will participate together with AXJO America company.

AXJO is a well-known trademark and company in Europe that delivers spools and drums in polymer materials to all large cable works in Europe as well as to users in Azia,

Brazil and Africa and now it has a production factory in North Carolina, USA.

 Windak will also present the latest information about our full range of products such as; pay-offs, take-ups, rewind lines, coiling and spooling solutions, accumulators, and palletizers.

 Our experienced and friendly sales- and engineering team will be ready to discuss your need in detail.

 We look forward to seeing you at our booth!