Windak AP at Wire Russia 2011

Windak Asia-Pacific welcomes all visitors to our booth 7-2 A08 at Wire Russia 2011.

Windak will present its latest information about the products such as Automatic Coiler FC5 FastFlex  and Automatic Reeler AR24.  

The FC5 FastFlex is a versatile and user-friendly fully automatic coiler. It can hold the coil together with stretch wrap or a binder material,

making it truly the most multi-purpose coiling machine available. It can handle a wide range of cables from 4mm to 20mm (0.16”–0.8”) diameter

and coil size up to 480mm (19’’). FC5 FastFlex makes 3 coils per minute! 

The AR24 Reeler is a new dual head fully automatic machine developed for automatic packaging of cable and wire products on spools and reels

between 298mm (12’’) and 609mm (24’’) in overall diameter. It can be run both in line applications and off line applications and loads

and unloads the reels automatically and includes stretch wrapping of the spool to contain the cut end.  

Windak will also show solutions for a large range of Payoff, Take-up and Rewind Lines.  

We look forward to your visit!