Windak Highlights of the year 2017

2017 was an exciting and productive year for the Windak team and we wanted to take a moment to look back on a few of this year’s major milestones. All our accomplishments became possible only with the continued support of our customers and partners.

One of our biggest announcements was launching the new generation of coiling machines – QPH400_12.0 and QPH260_12.0. The Windak’s QPH series are an automatic horizontal coiling lines which are simple and reliable for maximum output of short length coils and flexibility. These coilers are based on our standard components, well-proven technology and integrated to be a compact solution. These machines have been specifically designed for high speed operation and cycle rates. The integrated stretch wrapper has been optimized for operation with the coiler. QPH Coiler simplifies the winding of wire, cable and other flexible products by securing the cut end of coil with a narrow band of stretch wrap- NO STRAP OR BINDER! It’s capable of winding 8-12 superb layer-wound coils per minute with a very short stop time. Both coilers utilize modern servo technology for accurate and fast control of critical movements.

Coil dimensions: Coil OD – 120- 400mm (5”- 16”) and Coil ID – 100-180mm (4”-7”)

Series of Spool winding machines- SW6 and SW6-14 got their updates. The new dual lift servo controlled system allows for simultaneous unloading of the full spool and loading of the empty spool, increasing the output of the SW6 spooler by 20%. SW series spoolers can wind 3-5 spools/minute with maximum machine speed of 2500fpm (762m/minute). No need for mechanical setting or changes except the stretch wrap width (only if needed) – the recipe controls all other settings. Our modernized auto plastic thread stretch wrap system saves time and improves safety.

Windak Coiling FC series of machines did not go unnoticed and got new breakthrough motion controlled cable feeding system, which excludes mechanical adjustments during product change. This integration allowed Windak to make machine more functional and increase reliability and control.

Things didn’t slow down the second half of the year with further updates to our AR24 and AR32 machines. Windak introduced HD versions of existing machines, which Heavy Duty layer wind, cable feeding module and dual head system allow for continuous operation using heavier spools and bigger size cables. Quick change over time between spools allows for high line speeds for in line or off line operation.

Collaboration of Windak Group and Axjo America companies developed new Axjo Concept Cube. A range of product benefiits and features are combined with a focus on enhancing production efficiency for the customer. This allows us to create your unique cube, either as a complete concept or in stages. Our concept is that customized product solutions should never be more expensive. Instead, we have made it very simple to create unique adaptations. Axjo America is a premier supplier of plastic spools in Europe. Together with Windak they form a strong and innovative supplier for any cable company that is interested in automating their production and reducing the cost of plastic spools.

2017 was a busy year for Windak Group and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and cooperation.

We look forward to developing and providing our customers with continued innovation in order to meet their business goals in 2018.