Windak OU in Estonia welcomed its first visitors!

On the 19th of August, Windak OU in Estonia welcomed its first visitors!
Windak has just opened a new production hall in June of 2020 and the first to visit the new building was the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry.

Here are a few words from Federation manager Triin Ploompuu:
“I had a great honor and extraordinary opportunity to visit the new factory of FEEI member company WINDAK for the first time. Although some trucks are still moving the last loads, production was able to continue without interruptions. It is a real treat for all fans in the machine industry- it develops Estonian engineers and produces cabling lines all over the world with the help of more than 20 subcontractors. Each new product is different and further developed. They have sales offices in Sweden, Australia, and the USA. A small group of guests was invited to see the test of the spooling line, which will soon be packaged and sent to a US customer. WINDAK also needs more manpower, for example, they are hiring a Sales Manager for EMEA region and a Programmer. Trainees have also been recruited every year to give young people experience and insight into the modern machinery industry. Madis Tomson and the whole team, strength, and courage in keeping the flag of the Estonian machinery industry and engineering high!”

Windak team is grateful for such kind words and always glad to welcome guest and customers at their factory!

The grand opening of the new facility will be held later this year.

Windak Group