Windak’s Rewind lines minimizing cycle times and making the reel changing procedure quick, safe and easy.

Efficient rewinding require machines with a short setup time and an efficient flow of handling the full and empty reels.

Windak Payoffs, Take-ups, and Rewind lines have been specifically designed for fast reel changes, very accurate tension control, high line speed, and superior winding quality. The rewind lines can be built based on our complete Payoff and Take-up range, either tire-driven design or conventional drive pin design.

Both designs are of portal type, with traversing on floor rails. The Windak Premium has floating pintles and a second tire drive as options. Windak Payoff and Take-up range is from 400 mm flange diameter up to a maximum of 2600 mm in diameter.

Many types of test equipment, printing, and other auxiliary equipment are available for integration with the line.

We can customize Rewind lines with caterpillar length counter, automatic cutting station, change over station CO2, accumulator, and servo-driven tensioning dancer for sensitive cables.

Windak Rewind lines have many features and options:

✅ Synchronization of Payoff and Take-up with fast acceleration and deceleration for minimized cycle times.

✅ Driving the reel on the flange or with a conventional drive pin.

✅ Independently controlled pintles up/down – easier to load the reels.

Semiautomatic unloading cycle of the reel. The reel goes down and the pintles open up around the reel.

✅ Floating pintles- making the reel changing process quick and easy for the operator.

✅ All Windak rewind lines include running to set length at a set speed.

✅ Optional Remote control operation – for safer and faster reel changes.

✅ Touch screen HMI – programmable to suit your needs.

✅ Servo-controlled traversing – for more accurate winding and layer wind.

✅ Quick change pintle adapters for different reel sizes.

We’ve packed more innovation into in-line packaging!

For the inquiries please contact:

North and South Americas – Daniel Shelander

Phone: +1 828 322 2292

EMEA Region – Dieter Gerger

Phone: + 43 664 856 24 84

Asia-Pacific – Staffan Edström

Phone: +61 410 574 090