OW30 – Windak OffWind is a portal designed Payoff for the max.reel diameter up to 3000mm

Windak OffWind is a portal-designed Payoff, meaning that the reel can easily be rolled through the machine for easy reel changes. The pintles are vertical floating design that can be individually adjusted at the time of reel change, making it easy and quick for the operator to change the reel. The height and width adjustments for different reel sizes are made infinitely. The reel height adjustment can be made infinitely by pressing the push button on the control panel. The machine traverses on rails on the floor.

All motors are AC motors for quiet and maintenance-free operation. A wheel against the flange drives the reel, giving several advantages.

The reel changes go faster when there is no need for the operator to align the drive pin into the reel. There is no need for any gear changes since the ratio between the wheel and the reel flange will automatically alter the gear ratio depending on the reel size.