Prepare for the future with Windak intelligent automation solutions

Smart manufacturing is already today an important tool for most manufacturers. Successful manufacturers get future-ready by applying intelligence throughout the whole production process.

Statistics show that more than 80% of manufacturers need to gain better insights from their data and analytics to improve their business processes and results.

To maintain agility and continue to improve you need to evolve your business model, add innovative technologies, implement them into your systems, and provide effective employee training.



By using the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, we can more accurately:

  • predict the equipment’s maintenance requirements
  • reduce customer’s operational costs
  • minimize downtime
  • keep the customer’s production up and running
  • increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

 Benefits of real-time monitoring:

  • Better control and more efficient production
  • Reduced “downtime” in production
  • Increased return on investment
  • Targeting – cost savings
  • Improved quality and document the quality of the final product
  • Sustainability is an important upcoming topic – be at the forefront of this, i.e. the machine’s impact on energy consumption, etc.
  • Get machine reports exactly in a way that suits you, such as the most common faults, materials used, OEE, parts produced, and more.

To support the client’s existing SCADA or IoT solutions, we use world-known electric automation brands and the latest generation of PLC systems, which allow us to easily integrate electrical and intelligent automation modules into mechanical technologies. Each new piece of equipment is equipped with a modem for remote maintenance and enables rapid support.

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The real-time data from the Windak FC5 Coiling machine

For older generation equipment, Windak has ready add-on modules that provide ready live information on a web browser of the machine’s performance. Alternatively, the data can be forwarded to an ERP or similar factory system.

Windak will keep you informed about new software and mechanical updates, the latest know-how as well as the latest technology implementations related to Industry 4.0.

Please contact the Windak sales and support team for further information: