Revolutionizing cable packaging for sustainable solar energy

Windak AR Equipment sets a new standard for solar cable packaging. Flexible features, seamless data adjustments, reliable "NO BREAK" stretch wrap and Intelligent Scrap handling systems boost efficiency and reduce the downtime. Tailored for your needs.

With the global shift towards renewable energy sources, the demand for high-quality solar cables has been on the rise.

Solar installations and commercial solar projects require durable and reliable cables that can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide efficient energy transmission.

To meet this growing demand, solar cable manufacturers require packaging equipment that can adapt to changing needs while maximizing efficiency.

Exceptional AR Spooler features include:

  • „Change on the fly“ – seamless data adjustments
  • Intelligent Scrap Handling system
  • Servo-controlled dancer
  • „NO BREAK“ stretch wrap system
  • Biodegradable stretch film option
  • Enhanced efficiency with the In-Line Operation option

Windak's AR machine is a single or dual head fully automatic spooler developed for packaging of cable and wire products on spools and reels between 216mm (8.5") and 800mm (32") in overall diameter, with the output up to 2.5 spools per minute. The industry’s widest range of cable diameters from 3mm (0.12") to 20mm (0.8") and reel sizes are possible in the same machine.

The typical ROI for such a spooler is less than 24 months.

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Adapt on the go

The Remarkable "CHANGE ON THE FLY" functionality.

This innovative feature enables real-time adjustments to the packaging process, allowing manufacturers to seamlessly update the cable marking and labeling data while the machine is in operation, optimizing the packaging process and minimizing downtime. With this advanced feature, companies can respond swiftly to changing market requirements and ensure the smooth and efficient packaging of solar cables for various installations.

Modify critical data

The Windak AR Spooler empowers solar cable manufacturers to modify critical data on the fly, including cable length and spool label information. This capability is particularly valuable in the preparation of pre-assembled wiring kits for solar installations when the markings on the cable serve as a reference for the solar system components.

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Seamless labeling procedure

With the AR automatic line, cables can be precisely cut to specific lengths, and labels can be printed and applied seamlessly. Manufacturers can include essential details such as solar panel serial numbers, controller box or inverter serial numbers, and meter markings on the cable, ensuring accurate and efficient assembly during the installation process.

The unique "print reset to 0-zero" capability

This feature enables smooth communication between the spooler and an InkJet printer. When the machine signals the need to reset, the InkJet printer resets the print count to zero. This capability ensures accurate and precise printing of cable specifications, allowing manufacturers to maintain consistency and traceability in solar cable packaging.

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The in-line operation option

Another noteworthy feature which eliminates the need for a separate rewind process.

This efficient in-line operation not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in solar cable packaging. With an impressive in-line speed of up to 500m/min, the equipment ensures swift and reliable packaging without compromising quality.

Growing market

With the global push towards decarbonization, solar installations are expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years.

According to market research, the solar cable market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of over 8% during the forecast period of 2023-2028.

This anticipated growth highlights the importance of efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, making the Windak AR Equipment a timely and invaluable addition for solar cable manufacturers.


By providing solar cable manufacturers with a versatile and eco-friendly solution, Windak aims to support the rapid expansion of solar energy worldwide and accelerate the transition to clean and renewable power sources.