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Windak Group specializes in both vertical and horizontal accumulator designs, providing versatile solutions for various production lines. 

A significant feature of Windak accumulators is the advanced tension control, primarily managed by a servo motor, ensuring precise and consistent tension. This technology not only allows for accurate tension management but also incorporates a soft start feature to minimize the risk of cable break.

Our high-speed accumulator’s range is particularly suited for extrusion lines involved in the production of a variety of cables. These accumulators are also ideal for high-speed inline packaging in combination with Windak Spooling or Coiling machines.


  • Design Varieties: Accumulators are available in both vertical and horizontal designs.

  • Advanced Tension Control: Tension is predominantly controlled by a servo motor for precise management.

  • Extensive Range: Windak’s accumulators are ideal for extrusion lines in the production of various cables. 

  • Servo-Driven Technology: Ensures accurate tension control and a soft start feature to prevent cable break.

  • Optional Load Cell Feedback: For consistent tension control throughout the process.

  • Heavy-Duty Accumulators: Catering to larger cables up to 80mm with tension up to 1500N. 

  • AC Motor Driven: All models are powered by an AC motor.

  • Flexible Tension Settings: Tension can be adjusted either via a potentiometer or from the extrusion line’s interface signal.

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