Pack Cable on Spools

Windak has a big range of automatic spooling machines to pack your cable into the correct package fast and efficient.

Below we have listed some of the common packages in the market that our machines currently can pack.

We are also happy to discuss with you any new packaging designs that you wish to introduce or need to make for your market.

More information about our Spooling solutions you can find here




6.5 inch spool


Our model SpoolWind SW6 and SpoolWind SW6-14 are our high speed spoolers with high output. Designed primarily for AGW14 to AGW10, or 2 mm to 6 mm of single conductors in 152.4m/ 500 ft per spool, but can be used for similar products.

Large conductor wire spool



Windak AutoReeler range handles a large range of products and spool/reel sizes. Flexibility and small footprints are the main features of these machines, our models are AR18, AR24, AR32 in single or dual head versions.

Spool in a box

For certain markets and applications, Windak provides fully automatic solutions for Reel in the box package. Please contact Windak sales for further details.

Spool on the pallet

Our spool palletisers stacks the spools onto palletis in different configurations. Optional items are stretch wrap of pallet, empty pallet dispenser and sheet feeder between spool layers.