Windak continuously update our designs to improve the performance. For many of our machines in the field, there are upgrades that is possible to implement to your existing equipment.

Please send us your machine number (e.g US-GCM-0954) and machine model (e.g AR24), then we can provide you with a list of possible upgrades.

If you have an old machine that requires some refurbishment, please contact our service team for initial consultation.

MULTIPAC spools – Space and money saving solution from Windak/Axjo co-venture

Development of new logistics-enhancing products was one of the main goals for Windak and Axjo collaboration during the year of 2017. Together with our co-partner Axjo, which is premier supplier of spools in Europe, we invented a great money-space saving solution for spooling of wire and cable.

Axjo’s MultiPac spools and Windak’s automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0.

 “For a number of years, we have seen and heard from our customers about the huge interest in saving space during transport. This has resulted in a whole series of innovative products and solutions.”      Axjo AB

Axjo’s MultiPac spool is divided in the middle and has a slightly conical barrel. This allows each half of the spool to be stacked, this means that up to three times as many spools can be loaded on a trailer, which is good for the environment.

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Windak Highlights of the year 2017

2017 was an exciting and productive year for the Windak team and we wanted to take a moment to look back on a few of this year’s major milestones. All our accomplishments became possible only with the continued support of our customers and partners.

One of our biggest announcements was launching the new generation of coiling machines – QPH400_12.0 and QPH260_12.0. The Windak’s QPH series are an automatic horizontal coiling lines which are simple and reliable for maximum output of short length coils and flexibility. These coilers are based on our standard components, well-proven technology and integrated to be a compact solution. These machines have been specifically designed for high speed operation and cycle rates. The integrated stretch wrapper has been optimized for operation with the coiler. QPH Coiler simplifies the winding of wire, cable and other flexible products by securing the cut end of coil with a narrow band of stretch wrap- NO STRAP OR BINDER! 

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