Windak renewed the ISO 9001 certification

October 10, 2023

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Our dedicated commitment to quality has received a significant recognition. Since 2014, our quality management system has held ISO 9001 certification from Bureau Veritas.

We recently renewed our ISO 9001 certification, extending its validity until the end of 2026.

But what does this renewed certification mean for our customers?

✅ ENHANCED QUALITY: Our certification assures you that we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards, providing you with supreme products and services, while continuously improving efficiency and reliability through LEAN manufacturing techniques.

✅ CONSISTENCY: With ISO 9001, we ensure that our processes are consistent, which means you can count on the same high-quality experience every time.

✅ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We’re committed to your satisfaction. Our certification reflects this dedication, making sure you’re always happy with Windak Group.