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Windak Inc. at IWCS Conference 2019


September 30th- October 1st at IWCS Conference 2019, in Charlotte, NC, USA.

We’ll show how we are taking optimized packaging solutions to a new level.

Windak Group specializes in automatic packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry and has offices in Sweden, USA, Australia and Estonia.

At the trade show Windak will present its latest information about their NEW packaging solutions, which are now in top choice among our customers: QuickPac Series of Coilers.

QuickPac is the high-speed coiling machine with new exclusive stretch wrap solution – no need for strapper or binder!

With the largest range of automatic coilers, spoolers, rewinding and take-up system, Windak Group can truly cover most of the packaging needs, so our team is looking forward to your visit and future cooperation!


For more tradeshow details contact Olga Berlinberg:




Windak Inc. system maintenance- office closing dates

Windak Inc. Offices will be closed at 12pm on Friday July 19th for system maintenance/upgrade and will reopen on Monday July 22nd at 7:30am.

For emergencies you may call 828-315-1732 during this shutdown for a member of our team to assist you.

Windak Group introducing new 2in1 breakthrough solution- FC5-Combo

Windak Group introducing new 2in1 breakthrough solution- FC5-Combo, which will meet all our customer’s expectations and needs! Horizontal Dual Head automatic coil and spool packaging machine type FC5-DC handles a large range of cable and coil sizes. This versatile dual head machine can also handle a range of spools for packing of cable onto spools. This cable packaging equipment winds the coil/spool and stops at the pre-set length. All movements are controlled by precision motors and drives to ensure full control of the coiling process and maximize the quality of the product.



• Up to 3.5 coils/min &1.5 spools/min/100m.

• Flexible range of coil OD’s.
• Integrated stretch wrap system in coiling/ spooling head.
• All movements are controlled by precision motors and drives.
• Quick change over between product sizes.
• Optional shrink wrapping, boxing and palletizing.
• Precision winding and tension control.
• Operator friendly, safe – ergonomic.


Coil ID standard sizesCoils ID: 120mm-290mm (4.7″-11.4″)
Coil OD 220 mm – 480 mm (8.6″ – 19″)
Coil Height40 mm – 300 mm (1.5″ – 12″)
Maximum Weight of Coil40 kg (88 LBS)
Cable DiameterRound Cables: 3 mm – 15 mm (.12″ – 0.6″)Flat Cables, width 6 mm – 15 mm (.24″ – 0.6″)
Coil Output2.3 coils/min, 100 m Lengths with stretch wrap
Maximum Machine Speed1500 fpm


Spool diameter150-450 mm (6“- 18“)
Spool width 60-250 mm (2.4“- 10“)
ARbor hole38-75 mm (1.5“ – 3“)
Maximum Weight of Spool40 kg (88 LBS)


We can take you higher – just contact us to get more information:
Europe, Middle East & Africa –SalesEMEA@windakgroup.com
North & South Americas –SalesAmericas@windakgroup.com

Introducing Colin Smith our new Parts and Logistics Manager for Windak Inc.

Windak is a world leading specialist in cable packaging machinery and our mission is to provide first class service for our customers.

Windak is excited to welcome Colin Smith to our team as the Parts and Logistics Manager for our USA team.

Colin brings over 5 years’ experience in Inventory and Logistics Management.

Before joining Windak he was a National Account Warehouse Operator with Borderstates Electric.

Colin will be the main contact for all parts and logistics concerns for the Americas.

He can be reached at Colin.Smith@windakgroup.com or +1 828-322-2292.

(Please continue to submit purchase orders to OrderAmericas@windakgroup.com)